September 18th, 2014

ATypI Conference
Sofie Beier will be speaking about the voice of a typeface >>

April, 2014

The role of serifs
Written in colaboration with Mary Dyson, the paper ´'The Influence of Serifs on ‘h’ and ‘i’: Useful Knowledge from Design-led Scientific Research' has been publsihed in Visible Language, volume 47(3). >>

January 11th, 2014

Danish Radio P1
Sofie Beier is telling the story behind her experience
of loosing the ability to read and write, and how it all came back again (in Danish).
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November, 2013

Typeface familiarity
Written in collaboration with Kevin Larson, the paper ‘How does typeface familiarity affect reading performance and reader preferences?' has been published in the Information Design Journal, volume 20:1. >>

October 10th, 2013

ATypI Conference
Sofie Beier will be speaking twice at this year’s ATypI conference in Amsterdam. In the morning of the 2nd day, Mary Dyson, Sofie Beier and the audience, will be discussing the way forward for typography research, and in the afternoon, Sofie Beier will be giving a presentation on typeface legibility.

September 5th, 2013

Praxis and Poetics Conference
Sofie Beier will be presenting the paper: Legibility Investigation: Towards Controlling Typeface Variables, at the Praxis and Poetics conference, hosted by Northumbria University, Newcastle UK.

June 13th, 2013 Sofie Beier

Sofie Beier will be giving a public lecture on typeface legibility at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.
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November, 2012

How my brain stopped reading

New article by Sofie Beier in the journal Visible Language.
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October 2012 – April 2013
Visiting researcher
Sofie Beier is a visiting researcher at the University of Reading, Department of Typography & Graphic Communication.

July, 2012

Interview with Sofie Beier by Ralf Hermann
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March, 2012

Ovink in Shaping Text

The typeface Ovink is featured in Jan Middendorp's latest book 'Shaping Text'.

February, 2012

New book by Sofie Beier

The book "Reading Letters: designing for legibility", written and designed by Sofie Beie, is finally available through BIS Publishers.
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September 16th, 2011

Talk at ATypI Reykjavík: The Danish Letters
Steen Ejlers and Sofie Beier will be presenting the Danish type design history through a look at how designers have been working with the letters Æ, Ø, Å.
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September 2011
Pyke on MyFonts News
Pyke is featured as text family of the month in MyFonts' Rising Stars.
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June 8th 2011

The typographic society of austria (tga)
Sofie Beier will give a lecture at the Design Forum in Vienna discussing the design of typefaces based on scientific findings. For details >>

April 2011

Ovink on MyFonts News
Ovink is featured as text family of the month in MyFonts' Rising Stars.
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February 2011

New release: Ovink

Ovink is the last of the three typefaces that was part of the legibility investigation on design improvements of frequently misrecognized letters.

November 2010

In the typo edition of the German magazine Page, Sofie Beier discusses the essential role of the understated typography. In the same publication, a reprint of an earlier article presenting the Engel typeface can be found.

September 9th 2010
Typeface familiarity
In a talk at the AtypI conference in Dublin, Sofie Beier will present an experimental investigation into typeface familiarity that involved versions of the typefaces Spencer and Pyke. >>

September 2010
The most legible letters

Written in collaboration with Kevin Larson, and published in the Information Design Journal, volume 18:2, the paper ‘Design Improvements for Frequently Misrecognized Letters’, concerns an experimental investigations involving early versions of the typefaces Pyke, Spencer, and Ovink. The graph above shows that a one-storey 'a' produces significanlty more errors than a two-storey 'a'. >>

July 2nd 2010
Talking about the influence typefaces have on the reader, Sofie Beier is featured in the article ‘Skriften: Forfængelige typer’ in the Danish newspaper, Weekenavisen.

June 19th 2010
Enhanced typeface legibility
At the 4th international conference on typography and visual communication (ICTVC) in Cyprus, Sofie Beier will be giving a presentation on how to enhance the legibility of the individual letter. >>

June 2010
Type design as a research topic

An interview with Sofie Beier in the design research webzine 'Mind Design', on her legibility research and on the seminar held at the Danish Design School. >>